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Protecting Kids Against Predators


  Years ago when I was in college and renting an apartment with two other girls, we were burglarized. A window had been left open when we all left for the day and the thief crawled in, stole what ever he could stuff in his pockets and fled. He took change, some jewelry and a lot of peace of mind. We all felt so violated. One simple thing would have prevented the theft and the bad feelings, we should have closed the window.   Isn’t that how it often is? …

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Just the Facts: Interview with Author Ronie Kendig


Years ago in the police academy, we were taught the five W’s and an H in police report writing. Who, what, when, where, why, and how were the questions to be asked in order to form the framework for a crime report. The best place to start an investigation is with the basic questions, or, ‘just the facts’. In the spirit of succinct report writing, I give you a new feature to my blog a ‘just the facts’ interview with interesting fellow writers and from time to time interesting characters. …

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Judgment and Police Shootings


“Police Accidentally Shoot Two Innocent Bystanders Near Times Square, Fail to Actually Hit Suspect” I read that headline and had to click the link and read the entire article. The gist of the piece is that police officers were confronted by an emotionally disturbed man who pretended to have a gun in a crowded area (Times Square no less) and they made the judgment call that they needed to use deadly force. Obviously it was the wrong call as two innocent people were injured and the disturbed man was eventually …

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A Simpler Time – Growing up in Mayberry


Over the years there have been several kids rescued after they’d been kidnapped and held for several years by their kidnapper. Most recently, the three women rescued from the “house of horrors” in Cleveland come to mind. Thankfully, there are a lot of names of the rescued I could list, which doesn’t balance out those who have been lost, but it does give hope for those still missing. My new book, Critical Pursuit, is about a police officer whose mission it is to find kidnapped and missing children. Her back-story …

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One More Trip (Re-Post in Honor of my Mom)

mom beach

I suppose that when a loved one passes, those left behind often have a “one more” wish. One more talk, one more hug, one more day, etc. For me when I learned my mother’s cancer was out of control, my one more was one more trip. My mother was an inspiration to me in so many ways. She loved her family, she loved life, she appreciated things, even small, insignificant things and she loved to travel. My sister and I were the youngest and when we moved out of the …

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What Makes a Monster


After the recent shooting in Santa Monica,, a friend of mine confessed to being concerned about her grandson. He’s in his early twenties and is diagnosed as bi-polar. She lamented, “All these troubled young men going on rampages.” Would her grandson be next? My friend’s grandson is not violent or prone to violence, nor does he have any fascination with guns. But the conversation made me wonder, just what does cause a young man to cross the line from troubled to mass murderer? There are a lot of people …

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Human Trafficking

Hands of man tied up with rope

The other day I listened to a message given at a church in Florida. At the beginning a young girl gave her testimony about how she was brought here to the US from Mexico by human traffickers when she was only 17 years old. The pastor was visibly moved to think that in this day and age, here in the United States, a young girl could be brought against her will and sold for sex. Unfortunately it is all too common. According to, It is estimated that 14,500 to 17,500 …

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The Existance of Evil and the Fight to Stop It


Writing suspense novels is writing about the constant battle between good and evil.   The bad guy does something horrible and the hero must find him and bring him to justice. Sometimes it’s a cat and mouse game. The hero knows the bad guy is up to evil, and the puzzle of a story comes together as the hero races time to stop the evil from happening. Unfortunately, if the hero were always able stop the bad guy before the horrible thing happened, there would be less of a realistic ring …

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Unsung Heros – The Heart of a First Responder

order chaos

Watching the coverage of the Boston bombing reminded me of how much work goes into responding to tragedy whether it’s a natural disaster or a man made disaster. And it reminded me that a lot of people contribute to a successful ending and not all of them will be recognized for their help, their sacrifice, or their quick thinking. First responders bring order to chaos and ease to suffering. In Boston  so many people on the scene jumped into action to help immediately. Some were first responders, some weren’t. A …

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A Word or Two About Writer’s Conferences


When I first started attending Writer’s Conferences, I was brand new to writing stories. All I had under my belt were some badly written short stories and a burning desire to learn if it was even possible for me to write stories people would read. I think I heard about conferences from a writing class. The first one I attended was bumpy and one I will never forget. One published author I spoke to there loved my story idea and pointed out an editor who she was certain I “needed …

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