A Brief Rant: Irritating Things About the Internet

I do appreciate the Internet and its myriad of functions: information repository, social interaction facilitation,  avenues for marketing, selling, buying, etc. But there are a few things that get on my nerves. Spam is a big irritation. I do like Spam, in a frying pan cooked crispy, but not in my inbox or as a comment to one of my blogs. Granted, spam filters help a great deal, but when one gets through, it always seems to be the most offensive piece of junk imaginable. I can’t imagine anyone sells anything by the use of spam.

There’s a lot of advertising on the web. Advertising has it’s place, but I hate it when it’s forced on me. Like when I open a web page and suddenly the entire page is blocked by an add. Or that annoying little add that slides over from one side or the other, blocking half the article, it just rude. On Facebook, if you play Scrabble like I do with a couple of friends, after you play a round with one, an add will pop up that you can’t close right away, you have to listen to it, again, rude. And I also hate it when you click on a link only to discover you can’t read the content because you don’t subscribe to the page. And I don’t like opinion polls that insist on an email address, yes, I understand they are trying to insure you’re not a spammer, but I already get too much junk in my inbox.

And then there are the scams and the abusers. I’ve had friends battle fakers who assume their Facebook persona, I still don’t understand what that gets anyone.  Lastly, while I do love Facebook and most of the threads friends and families post, I don’t like how Facebook seems to randomly decide that some threads will go out to everyone, and others seem to go nowhere, and they constantly change the news feed, tweaking things that don’t need to be tweaked. And did you know that they use us as guinea pigs?  http://www.sfbg.com/politics/2014/07/08/facebook-messes-our-emotions  That’s creepy.

Ok, that’s my rant for the day, I feel better. Any anyone else want to add theirs?


5 thoughts on “A Brief Rant: Irritating Things About the Internet”

  1. Even though I have a great Spam filter, I hate to have to empty the thing–especially when it’s daily mailing from senders I have dutifully “unsubscribed” from. Including one that has been bugging me daily for more than a year that I never subscribed to at all! A Western Wear/horse equipment site. I unsubscribed six or more times without success. Finally, just the other day, I thought to call their customer line and talk with a human being. I (politely but firmly) outlined the situation, but told her in no uncertain terms I’d be reporting the company to the FCC.
    (Though I checked that out and it seems like a maze of impossibility)

    Finally, it seems to have worked.
    I thought I was going to have to buy another horse and find my old spurs . . .

  2. It is ironic that companies pay to put ads in various places on the Internet only to have 99% of them annoy us!
    The worst place I have seen ads on the Internet is on a page with an obituary!!

  3. You said it well! I also dislike that scrabble ad thing, but what I have started doing is have another window open so when it is playing, I am doing something else and I have it on mute so I don’t have to listen to it! 🙂


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