Blue Lives – Every Life Matters

In the aftermath of the horrible tragedy in Dallas there is so much commentary out there, some informed, some completely uninformed. The video that recorded the tragedy pretty much sums it up. All of those people on the street protesting the cops, cheering the thought of killing police, when the shooting started, who did they look to for protection? To the very people who they were protesting and vilifying, the people in blue. And the people in blue did not disappoint. They ran toward the danger, toward the shots, and some of them died protecting the very people who hate them.

That’s because that is what we do.

Even before social media police work was visible and minutely scrutinized. Police work is 24/7, police stations never close and officers contact people all the time. They confront situations that look out of place, that look dangerous, that are dangerous, they don’t look the other way. Police respond to dangerous calls, to active criminal behavior, they don’t drive the other way. By shear volume the odds are that some contacts will not go well. Not every citizen interaction can be handled with a “please” and “thank you”, after all we take people to jail. Police work is not always pretty, but that does not mean it’s illegal, wrong, or racist. With the explosion of social media there is more scrutiny than ever. This is good if bad cops are exposed, but horrible if there is a rush to judgment and good cops are tarnished by half the story, or unfortunate situations.

There is a cacophony of voices out there criticizing police and yes, calling for their murder. You can find it on twitter, on Facebook, with vile hateful language, people praising Dallas. And unfortunately while that sort of language should be condemned, it’s not. These people are listened to as if their opinion is legitimate. It’s not. I’m sorry, but in my world, if you are calling for an officer’s murder (or anyone’s murder) for any reason, it is because you are a criminal and want to continue your criminal activity without impediment.

I understand people protesting because they have a legitimate grievance or pain. But to call for the murder of those who put their lives on the line protecting you is beyond reprehensible.

But cops will continue to do what they do, protecting and serving their communities. The men and women I proudly served with took their jobs seriously and rushed into dangerous situations time and time again, to help, to protect, ALL citizens.

Who are you going to call when you need help? The criminal yelling ‘death to the police’ or the cop who will continue to do his/her duty no matter the hatred or the peril?

If a cop is dirty or crosses the line, fire and/or prosecute. Don’t color every single officer with the same brush.

I’m sick of the anti-police rhetoric. Come on people, wake up.





4 thoughts on “Blue Lives – Every Life Matters”

  1. I’m a staunch supporter of law enforcement and am deeply troubled by recent events and loss of police lives around the country. Thank you for writing.

  2. I thank God for the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday. I thank them for the sacrifices they make (monetary, time with family, etc), which sometimes end in the ultimate one – their lives. May God bless and keep these honourable warriors.


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