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A Simpler Time – Growing up in Mayberry


Over the years there have been several kids rescued after they’d been kidnapped and held for several years by their kidnapper. Most recently, the three women rescued from the “house of horrors” in Cleveland come to mind. Thankfully, there are a lot of names of the rescued I could list, which doesn’t balance out those who have been lost, but it does give hope for those still missing. My new book, Critical Pursuit, is about a police officer whose mission it is to find kidnapped and missing children. Her back-story …

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Personal Safety


I love to watch true crime shows. One of my favorite is called “Disappeared.” To me the most frustrating thing in the world would be a loved one who simply vanished without a trace. Disappeared is the story of the search for people who, most of the time, are never found. I often try to put myself in the investigators shoes, was there something else that I would have done, a question I would have asked. Sadly, many times when it’s a woman gone missing, I often find myself saying, …

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Who’s Watching You?

Who's Watching You?

Before I left police work completely, I worked on a training bulletin for a new technology, Automated License Plate Recognition software. Basically, it was a scanner mounted on the patrol car that would scan license plates while the officer drove and notify him if there was an alert attached to the plate, or if it were a stolen vehicle. I thought this was a great idea. When I worked in a black and white, the only way to run a license plate was to verbally ask the dispatcher to run …

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