Reality Versus Television

iStock_000014700004SmallI don’t watch much TV, but there are a couple of shows I like, one is Castle, which is fiction through and through. In a lot of episodes the cops go bursting in on bad guys, guns drawn and everyone gives up and there is no blood drawn. Oh, if it only worked that way in real life. Listening to the coverage and the questions from the press about the recent manhunt for Christoper Dorner here in California (40 mins from my home) I am forced to the conclusion that too many people believe TV is reality. I’m sickened by the people that want to make a mass murderer some kind of hero. They forget that this all started when Dorner lay in wait for an innocent couple in the parking structure of their condo complex and shot them both multiple times.

I heard a reporter ask why the police didn’t give Dorner a chance to surrender. Excuse me, he had plenty of time to do that after his first murder, but he seemed to want to keep killing. If he was hiding in plain sight after he burned his car in the mountains he had ample time to turn himself in. If he was afraid of the police, then there were thousands of reporters he could have approached or reached out to. I also heard someone ask why police let the cabin burn to the ground before the fire department came in. Well, there was live ammo going off because of the fire. I know some firefighters and I don’t know a single one stupid enough to approach a fire while live ammo is going off.

The stand off with Dorner was a dangerous reality show in progress, there was no way for the cops to rush in and cuff the bad guy with no blood being shed. In fact two police departments paid with their dearest blood, senselessly and tragically at the hands of Dorner. People talk about his grievances and to me his grievances became inconsequential the minute as he took the life of his first victim.  Everyone has grievances about something in this life, thank God they don’t all pick up guns and go on killing sprees.

This was just a little venting about a horrible situation. My heart goes out to the families of the police officers who were brutally murdered. May it give them a small sense of peace to know the threat of more killing is over.

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  1. Janice I totally agree with you! He had more than one chance to give up. When he took the first life he gave up any rights he had.

    May I ask how you feel about law abiding citizens carrying a concealed weapon?

    Thank you,

  2. I agree with CCW permits, I think law abiding citizens should be able to carry concealed weapons. Thanks for the comment, Beth!


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