A New Year, New Hope

The last year ended a little chaotically for me. It’s only now, five days after the first as I write this, that I feel things have kind of calmed down. My dad’s back home after a week in the hospital, my mom has recovered from cataract surgery and I finished book three in my Pacific Coast Justice series. Now is the time to look ahead to the new year.I don’t make resolutions, it seems like people who set resolutions lose steam for them as the year goes on. (The gym is always more crowded the first two weeks of January) Because resolutions are suspect, I set goals.

Goal one: My puppy Abby starts obedience training tonight: I want to be successful as a dog trainer and I want a well behaved dog.

Goal two: Shape up a couple of novel ideas floating around in my head into good, sharp proposals.

Goal three: Take setbacks in stride, don’t let difficulties steal my joy, remember: Joy is the settled confidence that God is in control of all the details of my life.

Goals set, now I pray for a calmer 2012, less problems, more solutions. I think of all the people I know who are sick and I pray that 2012 is the year of healing. I also pray that the year does not bring anymore news of other sickness. I like to think of the new year as a new start, we can leave any unpleasantness of the last 12 months in the past and cherish the hope that this next twelve months will be better. If the last twelve months was great for you then I pray that the trend continues.

Here’s to 2012, may it give birth to new dreams, may old dreams be realized and may everyone have a happy and healthy new year.



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